Thursday, November 3, 2016

A Work in Progress

I used to have a t-shirt which carried a phrase on it for all the world to see. "Be patient, God isn't finished with me yet."  I remember my brother-in-law seeing me wear that shirt one day and saying, "Oh, so there is still hope!"  That must have been about 30 years ago, but I confess to you, I still need to be wearing a shirt like that. 

For many, when they accept the fact man and woman were made by God in the garden, they came away with the concept of being created and sent on their way with no direction or provision. But the Bible description of life in the Garden of Eden shows us a God who provided for them  in their paradise home, and continued in relationship with them until sin entered the picture. 

Thus starts the story of mankind, breaking the commandments of God and being separated from him. That story is one which continues to this very day and will continue until Jesus returns.  We are human and subject to mistakes and blunders. Often those who go astray do so with the idea there is no avenue of return.  God wants us to make the trip back to him. He had already prepared for that before Adam and Eve sinned.  Jesus is described as the Savior from the foundation of the world. That means before there was ever a sin, there was already a Savior. 

The picture I wish to show you is that your creation by God was the beginning of a very special work of God on your life. As we are yielding to his direction, being led by his Spirit, then we know that every step we take can bring us toward new levels of God still working on us. 

We have already mentioned one important part, that is recognizing and allowing the Holy Spirit to give direction, instruction, power, and gifts, all of which brings growth and maturity in the Lord.  Remember in Hebrews where the notation is made of those who should be mature enough for the "meat," yet they are still infants?  That's God's way of nudging us to grow up. He is working on us to bring us to maturity. 

There is one thing we do need to remember. This maturity and change will be done in God's timing, not ours. We could be guilty of running ahead of God. The biblical idea here is for us to make ourselves available and willing to accept God's work in us, and allow him to make those changes according to his will.

Another step toward God working in us is not only seen in the Bible but also in the song we sometimes sing, "Have Thine own way Lord, Have Thine own way. Thou are the Potter, I am the clay."  There is a need for even mature Christians to place their lives in the hands of the Potter.  He can do a better job of making you, than you can. 

Spend some time in prayer this week, asking God's blessings as you open your heart and your life to his workings in you. His love for you brings his longing for you to become whole and complete, sharing your life as a testimony to others. 


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