Saturday, January 21, 2017

A New Chapter

In America, we begin a new chapter today, a chapter which will be affecting everyone residing in our country.  As President-elect Trump becomes President Trump, and begins the next four years, possibly eight, we as citizens of our country carry a lot of responsibility in achieving or failing to achieve our goals of renewal.

At this point it doesn't matter for whom we voted, or which candidate we chose not to follow, but today's Inauguration and the days ahead will be giving us a glimpse of some of the expectations and accomplishments which will be achieved by this new administration.

Many of you may have watched all the festivities and formalities of today's Washington, D.C. with hopes of helping to contribute to making America a better place.  That will come through the decisions we make and the outcome of working to make it a better place.

Do you see a place in all this where a Christian is to fit in?  Of course we are still the people of God with daily perplexities and problems.  We struggle making a living, or passing an exam, or maybe strengthening our families.  Any number of things will be leading us to the place of decision making. The real test comes when we wrestle with following God or following the leadership of man. 

It should go without saying, but yes, we are the people of God and as such we serve and follow the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  We follow the Gospel message of the sacrifice of Jesus loving us enough to give his life on the cross. We are God's church with our hopes and aspirations set on things above.

As citizens of the USA, we also recognize the responsibility of our support and loyalty toward our country and its leaders.  With our vote, we select them, along with the hopes of them enacting and enforcing the country's laws which protect us and make America a better place.

I want to suggest there is no deep chasm which separates our responsibility in civil matters and spiritual matters.  As long as we remember our allegiance and devotion to God and the place of that priority in our lives, we can see there is nothing that can bring separation.  We are citizens of God's kingdom and at the same time, we are citizens of America.  Success in life comes when we make God the center of our nation as well as the center of our Christian existence.  Even when our candidate wins or loses an election, we have the opportunity to pray for them, asking God to give them wisdom and mindset toward those things which are best for our country.

All of this is written today, to ask you to stay close to God and his Word. Love him with everything you are.  Also, love those around you as you love yourself.  Even when we disagree or follow a different political candidate, hit your knees today and pray for our country and those who lead us. Pray that those leaders will be made aware of God's will in the laws and decisions that are made.

"Lord, be with our nation and its citizens.  We long to be in relationship with you and with each other as we move forward in bringing peace to our world, love in every heart, and faith that continues to lead us closer to you." Amen.

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