Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Keep on Singing

A few summers ago I had the opportunity to visit a summer youth camp when one of my grandchildren was attending as a camper.  I had been invited to come to their evening devotional where several hundred youth campers had gathered for some time with God in worship.  Just today I was thinking of the "atmosphere" of that gathering of young people.  To be specific, I noted their enthusiasm in singing and thought about how it seemed those kids sang with greater zeal and attention than most of us older folks in a structured Sunday morning assembly.

Over the years I have spent considerable time in leading congregational singing, as well as singing in small groups.  With an educational background in music and now in my later years, I am still one to pay attention to the notes in a song book, as well as all the sharps, flats, and rests. And now, as not only a singer in the congregation, I like to think we sing songs that uplift our spirits while at the same time enjoying the worship and praise of our Heavenly Father.

Let me emphasize here that every note of every song I have sung, has not been in tune.  I may have to listen closer to make sure my harmony is blending, my tempo is correct, with most of the emphasis being God as the audience listening to me praise Him.

The scripture encourages us to "sing and make melody in our hearts."  That means to me, one of God's children, knowing he lives and abides in my heart, he is the first to know the genuineness of the praise I sing to him. I am attempting not only to make the songs pleasing to me, but to God.

I have also noticed there are some in the assembly who do not sing.  While I am one of those who will be vocal at every opportunity, I also confess my imperfections with an off-key note or perhaps my timing is out of wack. This is my greatest understanding of how to deal with these problems.  Keep on singing!  God desires these praises and overlooks our musical blunders.  Keep on singing!  You will grow closer to him with the routine of making melody in your hearts. Keep on singing!

"Sing and you'll be happy today. Press along to the goal, 
Trust in him who leads the way, He is keeping your soul;
Let the world know where you belong, Look to Jesus and pray.
Lift your voice and praise him in song, Sing and be happy today."

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