Tuesday, April 18, 2017

After Easter

I usually enter the days following the Easter season with a greater realization of the sacrifice of Jesus, mixed with my promise to make the power of the resurrection more of a focus in my Christian experience.  While such aspirations may bring the approval of God I must also admit the human tendency for us  to soon forget God's Son has paid the ultimate price with his own life.

There are several ways to see this happening, the obvious being the number of worshipers attending our worship assemblies this past Sunday, compared to the attendance totals of this coming Sunday.  While I sincerely appreciate and encourage every worshiper to draw closer to God I would say this comparison will be the norm for just about any and all churches.

As long as I can remember there have always been those who gather for worship in greater numbers around Christmas and Easter.  It's true, we have worked hard to bring the importance of the mission of Jesus by joining in the world's highlight of him around these two holidays.

 Now that Easter has passed, let's follow the the Son of God to see his ascension back into heaven and the lives of those who heard Peter's message of the Good News of God's people living and sharing the spread of Christianity.  Such events of those lives described in the Book of Acts are more than stories.  They lead us to see the joy and the even the difficulties of those who now carry with them the importance of the church whose members experienced the presence of the living Lord in their hearts.

We have the opportunity and the responsibility to be obedient to the plan of Jesus as he encouraged us with his great commission.  We share in the spreading gospel message to all parts of the world. Just as the Lord's church grew throughout the world and the work of Jesus' followers continues even to this day, our constant attention continues to be on Jesus and the salvation which is offered through him.

Making the good news of the gospel available to all is in being the hands and feet of Jesus, and a  growing part of God's Family, the church.

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