Saturday, May 27, 2017

A Weekend of Prayer

During this weekend, give yourself to prayers we all should pray.   I've started a list of specific things for which we can pray, knowing our collective prayers will be heard by our Father in heaven.   You are also encouraged to add to the list with prayers about things specific to your life.  All of us praying all weekend is going to bring us closer to each other, and closer to God as we develop the habit of taking everything to Him.  Here is the starting list:

1.  A prayer of thanksgiving, thanking God for his love, his provision, and his gift of salvation.
2.  A prayer for wisdom and understanding God's Word, and God's will for us.
3.  A prayer for our family, mentioning each family member by name.
4.  A prayer for our church home, it's leaders, it's ministry staff, and especially our church's work in our communities.
5.  A prayer for the lost, those who do not know Jesus and need to experience his salvation.
6.  A prayer for our church family.  Again, mention as many as you can by name.  Take them all to the throne of God as your pray.
7.  A prayer for our nation.  Once again, mention your governmental leaders and those who rule our nation. 
8.  A prayer for those who protect and serve us.  Our first responders have unique and dangerous jobs, but we would be at a tremendous loss without their dedication.
9.  A prayer for our service men and women who serve us at home and abroad.
10.  A prayer for yourself.  Make your prayer a personal time with God, no holding back, tell him what is on your heart.  Remember, a part of prayers like this is listening.

Your list additions start right here.  Add any prayer topics you wish.  I know those who are sick or those who have lost loved ones, your neighbors, your schools, your job, etc.  All will appreciate knowing you have prayed for them. 

God bless your dedication to prayer. 

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