Tuesday, September 24, 2013

All the Time

During World War II, the assault transport, U.S.S. Samuel Chase participated for several days at an invasion site in Salerno, Italy.  Following that assignment, the transport headed back to its port in Algeria.  While enroute, they were located in the night by the Luftwaffe and a fierce battle ensued. The intensity of that event left the U.S.S. Samuel Chase damaged, but still making its way to their assigned area. 

Mounted on the deck of this ship were 40mm guns, and one of them had a broken part that prevented the gun's use.  It was vitally important the gun be repaired and available if needed. However, searching for the replacement for the broken part was futile.  Just like everything else during war-time, replacement parts were scarce.  They would have to wait until the ship could get back to the States for the repairs to be made.

The day finally came when they were ordered home and as they sailed to their port on the East Coast, messages were sent to all suppliers for the gun's replacement part. One by one, the messages ordering the part were returned with the response....."out of stock."

A seaman who had heard of the problem went to one of the ship's officers, advising that he may know where he can get the part.  Unheard of in military commands, the seaman was given permission to leave the ship, was given money and a car, and went to search for the part.  Less than an hour later he returned.  An officer asked if he found the part.  "Yes, and it cost $5.00, and since you gave me a $20 bill, I bought four of them."  The smiling officer finally asked, "Where did you find them?"  Back came the reply, "Montgomery Ward." 
I don't know about you, but I find it strange as well as somewhat humorous that a repair part for anything as vital as a ship's 40mm canon, could be found in a simple department store.  What they searched for so eagerly, to no avail, was readily available in a store where most would never look. 

That made me think of the words of a song that has always carried such a great message. 

"Time after time I was searching for peace in some void
I was trying to blame all my ills on this world I was in
Surface relationships used me till I was done in
But all the while someone was begging to free me from sin.

He was there all the time
He was there all the time
Waiting patiently in line
He was there all the time."

We search for so many things, so many answers, so many solutions to our bundle of problems. We often give up when the answers just aren't there.  May you be blessed in finding God, the answer for our tangled lives.  "He is there ALL the time."


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