Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Prayers to pray

"Prayers to pray for specific occasions" 

When you are sick:

Fill my heart, Lord, with love for you and love for others;
               And while I am sick and my body is weak, let me know of your presence.
Your concern for your people is made known in all you do for us;
               Today I need to recognize it is only through you that I can know peace and healing.
Deliver me from my pain as I gracefully make room for the strength you bring;
               And let me be your instrument to share with others, that you are always near.
Through Jesus, my Lord.  Amen

When you need sleep:

Lord, you give refreshing sleep for your children and rest when we have worked until we can work no longer.  My sleeplessness may be caused by worry and I accept the gift of your peace to help me relax. It may be from struggles with broken relationships and I plead for a proper attitude of love for others. Perhaps it is because of my concern for my family and I pray that I may learn to be more forgiving and supportive for those I love. Whatever reason is causing this sleepless night, fill me with the awareness of your shepherding nearness, and I thank you for allowing me to be one of your sheep. Amen

When you awaken in the morning:

Today is a new day!  It comes as a blessing from you, Lord.  It is filled with opportunity, with activity, with responsibility, and maybe lots of other things, but help me to know it is filled with you.  There may be moments today when I am so busy I don't remember it is by your grace that I have the blessing of working to support my family. There will be moments when I am tempted to solve problems or make decisions based on my own intelligence and ability. I will have moments today that are high, and some when I sink low.  I pray every moment today, Lord, you will fill me with your Spirit, as I, with  hope and assurance, know that you take every step with me.  Amen

When you pray for a friend:

Thank you for friends, Lord.  I couldn't make it through life without friends. Today I have a special request of you in my dealings with one friend.   He is a good guy, Lord, but he doesn't know you. He and I have talked about you on numerous occasions, but up to this point he chooses to be on his own.  I am trying to be a good example for him.  He knows I am praying for him. I invite him to worship services, but so far......nothing.  My heart is heavy for him, as you know Lord.  So I pray that I may be a better example, that I may demonstrate to him through my life the love of Jesus, and that I may impress on him the joys of eternal life.  I want him to know you, Lord, not to put a star in my crown, but because he needs to meet Jesus at the foot of the cross, and join the rest of your children around the throne. Soften his heart. Let him know you desire to live inside him. Bring him to newness of life. Amen


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