Monday, October 5, 2015

God is Calling

Through the years of trade shows while buying and selling used merchandise, I have met lots of people.  One couple that really stands out as good quality people that I like to be around, are Wes and Brenda Wessels.  I keep up with them online and a few days ago, read a post written by Brenda.  After reading her article, I immediately messaged her, asking permission to share it on the blog.  It follows, along with my thanks to Brenda.

How do you know what God’s calling you to do? (Notice I didn’t say IF He’s calling.)

Here are 7 ways:

1.There’s a burden on your heart you can’t shake....
2.There is a specific person you know of who needs your help.
3.The Scripture passage that you read encourages you to have faith and step out.
4.When you pray you have a sense that God is asking you to act.
5.You don’t have time, but you have a seed of faith.
7.God brings someone into your life to encourage your calling (your spouse, your pastor, a godly friend.)
7.You feel as if you can’t do it alone.

God's word says "Be silent and listen."  How can you hear if your mind is too busy thinking? Clear your mind. Think of something that calms you, like the mountains. For me, it is ocean waves. Calm your spirit and then listen for what God has for you through the Holy Spirit.

If you are calling; Jesus is listening and will give you an answer. How do you know that it is him answering? Is it a good thing or a bad thing? God will only give you good things. Be blessed today and in return bless others!

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