Monday, February 22, 2016

I'm a wreck!

The young boy was filled with excitement.  He was in an area he had never been before, and being the typical boy, he had to see everything and touch everything.  His parents were new vendors in a building where I have rented space for antique sales. 

One afternoon, during the three-day sale, the boy was leaving his parent's booth with his sister.  They were picking on each other and taking harmless swats at each other.  Harmless, from the perspective  of not hurting anyone, but my nerves were really active when they got to the part of the isle near my booth.  My tables were filled with collectible glassware, which I had purchased for the purpose of resale. Needless to say, I was very protective of my investment, and I sure didn't want broken glass pieces which would be worthless. 

I warned the boy and his sister, asking them to take their fun outside.  They hurriedly disappeared into their parent's booth and that situation was handled.  I continued working on a display of Christmas collectibles, including the assembly of a Christmas train, with whistles and noises.  I wanted the train to be running during the show when customers walked by. 

I suddenly questioned my decisions about putting the train together and leaving it running on a table, but in a few minutes it was running and had drawn a small crowd.  Everyone watched the train go through its trip around the track, listened to the whistles and bells, and then walked on.  Everyone, that is, except the young boy. 

Within a few minutes I noticed him doing something with the closing and locking mechanism of a door on the building.  I walked over and asked if he was having trouble getting the door to close.  He  readily admitted he was disassembling the closer because he need a piece of wire that was part on the latch.  I asked him what he planned to do with the wire to which he replied that he wanted to lay it on the train track so he could watch the train wreck.  (At that point, I was the only train wreck in the building.)

As closing time neared, I was relieved to see the boy helping his parents hauling their goods out of the building.  I had been upset with the boy for his antics, and his parents for not making their kids behave.  I will admit, to the boy, none of this was a big deal.  To me, it was a threat on the property I had purchased for resale.

Now that the show is over and all breakable items are safe again, I have had  time to do some serious thinking.  Even now I am wondering why God still loves me when I continue to be a sinner, doing things I know I shouldn't, and failing to do things I know I should.   Yes, even some instances could be described as train wrecks.  And I wonder why God keeps putting up with us.

I paused to pray for that boy and his parents, that they can all learn to appreciate the property of others and treat it with respect.  And I pray that I may be more thoughtful of God's ways, God's commands, and God's plans for me.   I pray also, that I may yield my ways to His way and recognize that as the better way.


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