Monday, February 8, 2016

The Holy Spirit

We have received a couple of replies to the blog in recent weeks, both of which were asking about the Holy Spirit. While the questions were not that much alike, they basically were asking about the role or the actions of the third person of the Trinity.  From a previous study of the Holy Spirit, I came up with a list of what the Bible attributes to the role of the Spirit.  There may be some others, but this is the list I discovered.

He speaks:  Revelation 2:7; Acts 13:2
He intercedes:  Romans 8:26
He testifies: John 15:26
He leads:  Acts 8:29; Romans 8:14
He commands:  Acts 16:6-7
He guides:  John 16:13
He appoints:  Acts 20:28
He can be lied to:  Actsm5:3-4
He can be insulted:  Hebrews 10:29
He can be blasphemed:  Matthew 12:31-32
He can be grieved:  Ephesians 4:30
He can be quenched:  1 Thessalonians 5:19
He is eternal:  Hebrews 9:14
He is all powerful: Luke 1:35

Pray and research these scriptures as you open your mind and heart to receive all that God has for you to understand. As always, continue to thank and praise God as his truth becomes a part of your learning and experience. .

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