Monday, March 14, 2016

Can There Be Peace?

"How do you, as a Christian, still believe in peace when there is so many bad things happening in the world which bring hatred and fighting, and sometimes death?"  The question was in a written conversation between two people on Facebook.  Since it wasn't directed to me, I hesitated responding.  But, having just finished the study on peace from the Believe series, I couldn't stop thinking about the question.  Truthfully, I now felt more of a responsibility to enter the conversation and pass along a few verses of Scripture.  I wanted to show both people in the conversation I had learned to lean on some promises from the Son of God.

The verse that came to mind immediately was a promise from Jesus in John 14:27, "My peace I leave with you, my peace I give to you."  Jesus had just called his closest followers to him so he could announce his soon departure.  Understandably they were upset and worried about his words about leaving.  But the promise is there, and it can be a source of strength to us, too.  There may be turmoil around us, but we Christians can trust in our Lord as he leaves his peace with us.  He is giving us HIS peace so we can be comforted and equipped to face the bad things going on in our world, and yes, in our lives.

I have also found the more we give our cares, disappointments and troubles over to him, we are surrendering ourselves to his way and his truth.  In so doing, we graciously accept the gift of his peace.  Remember, it's not a peace the world can give us, it's peace which is received in the heart of the inward man, and that's the peace we need. 

It is also the peace we can share with others through sharing the word of God, and living the Lord's peace through our lives.  It's one of many promises and gifts we receive when we are following God's way. 

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