Monday, September 19, 2016

Pioneer Bible Translators

A week ago I had the chance to hear a message by Greg Pruitt, President of Pioneer Bible Translators. Through some publications I receive, I had heard of Greg and his work with the Bible translators, however, I must admit the powerful things they are doing did not seem within the reach of the world we live in.  Last week's visit and message proved me wrong. I listened closer, learned more, and will now let you know the reality of their mission to provide God's word to more people in more places, than ever before.

As if translating the Bible into other languages is not enough, this group also is attempting to cover our world literacy evangelists, church planters, and numerous support personnel. The part that impressed me the most is the vision of this organization, reaching beyond the life-span of its current workers, to establish goals in the not too distant future where Bible translations will be available to every human on the face of this earth. 

You probably have questions like, "Why translate into a language where most of the people do not know how to read?"  Or another question, "Why translate into another language, and teach them to read, if they do not understand what they are reading?"  That's the beauty and the power of Pioneer Bible Translators.  This team has people involved in teaching and training as well as translating.

Their goals are reachable.  Their passion is unstoppable. Their hearts are devoted to the task, 100%.  From their website:

Our Mission - Pioneer Bible Translators exists to disciple the Bibleless, mobilizing God’s people to provide enduring access to God’s Word.
Our Vision - Transformed lives through God’s Word in every language.
Our Primary Strategy - Prayer is our strategy.
I'm asking each of our readers to seriously consider your financial and prayerful support of this organization and its workers.  You can learn more about them by visiting the website of Pioneer Bible Translators.  We all have some work to do!

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