Friday, June 30, 2017

Knowing God

I was reading an article today by Bill Bright of Campus Crusade for Christ, and he makes the statement, "The God who created the universe did not make it difficult to know Him.”   I hope you ponder on that for a bit and come away with the simple acceptance of that truth. 

My first analysis of what he said led me to ask, "If God has gone through so much, including creation, the destruction of mankind, leading his people to escape bondage, the teachings of the prophets, the gospels, the establishment of the church, and numerous etc's......why would he make himself like some super powerful leader of the universe that would never be approachable?"

The truth of the Bible is that our God is approachable.  In fact, the Scripture assures us that "he is not far from any of us."  That being said, even we who have been Christians for years often struggle with doubt when we feel distant from God. 

First of all, we get that feeling when we read and study some segment of Scripture that is difficult for us to understand.  If it can't be understood, then we think it's obvious God is making spiritual things difficult for us.  While I do not claim to understand everything in the Bible, I still respect it as the Word of God which leads me into relationship with him.  Further, it continues to reveal its truths to me as I read and study and open my heart and life to learn and accept the "deeper" things of God.  Even Scripture which I may understand and know its truth, perhaps I read it again several months or years later and there is some new truth that is revealed to me. 

Simple faith, trust and obedience to the truth of God, revealed in his word, is our aim.  I use that word, "simple," even in the hard to understand segments of Scripture.  True seekers of God will find him because in reality he finds us!  We should never make difficult something as simple as knowing God loves us and longs for us to know him eternally. 


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