Saturday, August 3, 2013

Some housekeeping chores and information.

 I wanted to take advantage of the weekend to let you know some information that I get to see almost every day.

First, I want to say "Thanks" to everyone that comes by to read the blog.  My constant prayer is that we may offer messages and Scriptures that touch on some area of interest to you.  I have received emails from some of you saying a particular day's blog was something you needed to read, or it was something you wanted to share with friends and family.

Now, to the numbers. My tracking software keeps track of how many people arrive at the blog website on a daily basis.  I have no idea what an acceptable number should be, however when I start seeing an increase in the number of daily visitors, it not only makes me feel good, it encourages me that you are interested in Bible related blogs, or perhaps someone that is searching for a closer walk with God. Whatever the reason you happened to come by the blog page, I am honored and I pray that God will continue to receive the glory for our efforts.

There are a couple of other ways you can be helpful in making the blog experience the approval of its readers, and keep our numbers on the rise. I will tell you back in February of 2012, I was telling everyone I saw to give my blog a look and see if it's something they would consider reading on a daily basis. Those early days caused me to be so excited if 10-15 people came to read it.  In February of 2013, when we had been blogging for a year, our numbers were averaging 30-40 per day. Again I was excited.  Now, within the last month or so, there has been a remarkable increase in the daily hits.  Just yesterday, we had 82 which brought the daily average for this week to 68.  Thank you again!

I know there are some "big name" bloggers that receive hits in the thousands every day, but they could not be happier than me when my numbers show a marked increase. Please keep coming by to read the blog. New messages are posted 5 days per week, with Friday's blog staying up through the weekend. Above all, we ask you to pray for the success of blog in reaching the people globally with the message of the gospel.

Here is how you can help.  Notice at the bottom of the page for each blog, there are some small boxes. One has the Google logo g, followed by a +1.  If that day's blog is something that has helped you in your walk with God, or if it's just something you enjoyed reading, please click on the +1. That let's me know that you not only hit the site for a visit, but that you found the message useful.

You will also notice to the right of the daily blog messages, there are some pictures of some people who have signed up to be a follower of the blog. The total number of followers helps us to see what part of the world our messages go to, and the number of followers is something that is used to determine the popularity of the blog.  I really, really appreciate those who are followers, and encourage all of you to consider following.

Please tell your friends, co-workers, relatives.....everyone to come by and see the blog. We are trying to be an encouragement to all, a help to those who are seeking, and a useful tool for increasing your knowledge of the Bible.  We are happy to see the increase in the number of people reading daily, from the USA.  It is a blessing to us also to see those from the numerous foreign countries that come by every day. We love you all, and solicit your continued support.

If there is a Bible topic or subject you would like to see discussed, please let me know.  Also, every blog has my email address in the closing line.  I am always open to suggestions or requests, and even criticism.  We want to make the blog a glory to the Father, and a helpful time of reading and study for everyone. 

Love to all,


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