Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Are You on the Posse?

The bank had been robbed in the old western town and the gang of bad guys had escaped.  Local residents knew the next thing to happen would be the town sheriff calling for a posse.  Most able-bodied men would join in with the team to try and capture the criminals.  The sheriff leads them quickly from the town and every man understands the task before them.

Such is the scenario of many of the Saturday morning westerns we watch on TV.   It was during one of those old black and white westerns I began thinking.   I thought of how the teamwork that exists when people with a common goal, under the authority and direction of the one in charge, brings success in most situations.   Consider the old west posse:

1.  Each one, different in many ways, now brought together for a common cause.
2.  Everyone in the posse knows the sheriff gives the orders and they are responsible to him.
3.  The posse understands all that is involved in accomplishing their task.
4.  There is celebration when the job is done.

My thoughts continued as I considered the ways in which the body of Christ works as a team with common goals.  While every member of the church shares in the support and work of the local congregation,  I want us to see today the truth from God's word concerning the spiritual gifts we are given.  In reference to those gifts, we may see some in or membership that are gifted in the area of serving others, and maybe another group from within our membership is gifted in the area of evangelism.  Both groups, under the authority of Jesus Christ, fulfill not only their duties as members of the Lord's body, but beyond that they become a benefit to the whole church when they utilize their spiritual gift along with others who may possess the same gift. 

I am fortunate to be with a group in our church that keeps a keen focus on prayer.  We all know the scripture teaches us to pray, even giving specifics about our prayers.  I am happy to know our church in its entirety is devoted to prayer.  Even more, this group within the church goes a little further in keeping up with sickness, bereaved families, those in need, and we pray for them often.  We are notified of specific prayer needs by email, which gives us the chance to be praying for these situations instantly when we learn of the need.

The group of praying Christians forms a "posse."  While they come from different backgrounds, have different personalities, and in many other ways may be different, they are brought together for the common cause of praying for anyone who needs or wants to be remembered at the throne of God.  We know Jesus gives our direction and we are responsible to him. We understand what is involved and we always pray that God's will takes priority.  We have another prayer of praise to God when we learn of prayers answered. 

Today I encourage you to join a group within your church family, which specializes in some area of the church's work.  It may be in custodial work, teaching, outreach, prayer, or any other ongoing work of the local church.   This can be done through Ministry Fairs, or by just letting someone know your area of interest.  It's time for us all to "join the posse."


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