Wednesday, November 20, 2013

What Do I Do?

One blog I enjoy reading from time to time is called "TroubleFaced  Mom."  It's a blog about the business of running a family, being a parent, and dealing with the problems all families face.  Yesterday's posting included the following paragraph:

What do you do when your sweet, precious boy tells you that he was crying at lunch saying to himself that, "school is not for me." What do you do when you're so, so proud of how far he's come while simultaneously being just that worried about how far he has to go. What do you do when he can't put little words to his big, huge feelings and doesn't know how to answer your questions unless you rephrase them a dozen times until they make sense to him. What do you do? You cry till your eyeballs hurt and get on your knees and keep asking God to walk it all out with him and you and everybody else who is in it.

From reading her blog, I know this to be a woman of God who knows and understands the unleashing of God's power on our everyday troubles, but I can tell in her writing, this is something that concerns both her as a mom and her son with a problem. 

Parents never get past the desire to want what is best for their kids, no matter how old they grow to be and no matter how big the problem.  I can relate to the dilemma this woman faces because I still do not always have an answer when an answer is needed. So I came up with a list, knowing my list is not a fit or a fix for everyone's problems, rather from God's Word, an encouragement to always lean on him. 

Here's my list, and it's given for you to give your situation some spiritual thought, while finding additional things to comprise your list.

1.  Always depend on God.  He loves you and your family and promises to never leave you. In the Psalms we find a continuing thread of how much God loved David.  David the adulterer, the murderer, the one who seemed to forget God.  But God never forgot David, and with all the troubles he faced, David learned again to lean on God and place complete trust in him. 

2.  Knowing God cares and God will help removes our need to worry.  That one is easier said than done. When things happen and we cannot grasp a solution, our normal response is to worry.  But we serve a God who knows when the sparrow falls, and knows the number of hairs on our head, and he knows our needs before we ask.  Faith allows us to place those things which are bigger than us, in the hands of God, knowing he will provide. 

3.  Move in the direction your faith leads you, constantly in prayer.  Think of the prayers you have prayed before, and the answers God gave.  The prayer you pray now in asking "What do I do?" can and will be answered, too.  You may also find strength and increased faith when you know your family is praying with you and for you.  It is so much easier to make decisions and take steps in faith, when the situation has been thoroughly discussed with God in prayer. 

Give these a try, and add to my list those things which personalize your problem.  God will take care of you.  


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