Monday, November 18, 2013

My Useless Car

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This past Friday was the "kick-off" for round one of our November antique shows.  One of the most important things in being a vendor is  preparation.  Have I brought the merchandise that will interest the customer?  Am I competitive in my pricing?  What percentage of discount am I prepared to offer the customer?

When the show actually starts, there isn't much to do other than wait for the right person to come along and make a purchase.  Typically Friday is a slow day in the show, but all the vendors are there just in case someone comes by wanting, not only to find something they want to buy, but also to beat the crowd that is expected on Saturday. 

Because of my recent problems with hip replacement, followed by a broken leg, I am not 100% in my abilities to do everything connected with the show, but I really like being there to see the people, tease the kids, and smile really big when we make a sale.  By the time Friday evening got there, I was tired and ready to go home and find my recliner.  Some of my tired feelings were also blamed on the recent time change because shortly after our 6:00pm closing time, it was already getting dark.

I was still several steps from the car when I realized something was wrong.  My suspicions  were confirmed when I got closer and could see the reason the back end of the car was lower than the front.  I had a flat tire.  After looking things over, I realized I could make it to a repair shop, if I could find someone with an air tank to inflate the tire and send me on my way. 

It took a little while but a nice gentleman parked just 4 spaces from me had an air tank and had my tire inflated quickly. The repair shop had the tire fixed in about 20 minutes and I started thinking of the recliner again. 

From my reclined position, my thoughts took me through the events of the evening, and how our automobiles, constructed by people who are responsible for making thousands of parts function properly, or I couldn't drive anywhere.  In my case, I needed air in all four tires, or the vehicle would be useless. 

Similar is the feeling when we turn the key on our car and hear a "click" and know it's time to get a new battery.  Or it might be when the steam is coming out from under the hood and we realize a hose is broken.  There are countless things that need to function properly or we suffer losing the use of the whole car. 

When Paul told us about each of us having a gift that we use to the glory of God and the proper use of all our gifts would bring great benefit to the body of Christ, I get the picture of my valuable but useless car sitting there with a flat tire. Totally unusable because of the lack of one part.  That's what happens when we fail to realize our part in the family of God, where Paul says, "From him (Jesus)  the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work."  Ephesians 4:16


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