Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Eve

Busy times on this Eve of Christmas.  Last minute shopping, trying to keep the kids calm, food preparation underway, house cleaning for the guests.   I suppose most households are seeing lots of activity today. 

Many churches are having special Christmas Eve services with special songs of the season.  Churches are usually busy all through the year, but tonight's assembly is very important to those who believe in Jesus Christ.  The Bethlehem story reminds us of the divine becoming human, God inhabiting humanity, all to lead us through the events of his earthly life, to the cross where he pays our sin-debt with his life. 

This is the time of the year when we try to think of a more regal way for Jesus to have been born. The picture I get of there being no room at the inn, is a picture of Jesus being rejected before he was born.  Then I think of the multitude of people in today's world that do not make room for Jesus.  I become ashamed when my thoughts carry me to times when I become busier that I should, and Jesus gets the leftovers. 

I must say also there are countless people that continue to be an example to me and to others, of how we are at our best when we make the spiritual realities found in the Lord, a priority.  I count myself among those who need these good example people as a personal mentor. 

So if you were the inn keeper in the story from Luke 2, would you try harder to find a place for this young couple to spend the night, and for the baby Jesus to be born?  Would they find the same rejection if you were deciding who sleeps inside and who is sent on their way?

I have often wondered if there was someone they had to ask for permission to use the stable, or did they just find this place where animals slept, and shared the softness of the hay, and a roof over their heads? 

The picture says it all, as we personally examine ourselves and come up with answers to these questions.  This is a yard decoration in San Antonio, spotted by my daughter, and borrowed for you to see.  God bless.


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