Monday, March 6, 2017

Becoming Mature

From time to time I hear Christians make statements like, "I try to get involved and stay involved, I pray, I attend worship, and I am a daily Bible reader, yet I keep searching for that 'extra spark' that I see in the lives of other Christians.  They are the ones who seem more dedicated, more determined, and very often more successful in living their lives as true children of God."

For the most part, I want to tell people with these feelings there are a lot of us still in a maturing process, and we must understand there are others that may be more advanced in their Christian walk.  One message we all must understand is that God doesn't make "cookie cutter" Christians, meaning we aren't all just alike. 

All that being said, I confess to you I often share the sentiments of those in the first paragraph.  Above all,  I want to be more and more like Jesus, but there is a part of me that still seeks what they call the "extra spark."  I am depending on the suggestions of several blog writers to come up with the following list of things which should be beneficial to all of us who desire to keep growing in the Lord.  Perhaps there is something here that can help you and me.

1.  Spend some quality time with God regularly. This includes some intimate prayer time, but much more than that. It's a time when you can do some looking deep inside to find things that call for repentance and change. A time when you are so close to God you are comfortable sharing everything with him. 

2.  Develop a more intense love for people.  You already know some people are easy to love, some are not.  Biblical instruction is for us to love them all, even our enemies. Reaching even further than that, are you comfortable with the love you have for the homeless, or those of another race, or even those who may come to your country as a terrorist?  When you love those people, you will pray for them, and allow them to see your servant attitude, and share with them your story involving salvation from Jesus. 

3.  Become completely involved in worship.  No that doesn't mean you have to be a worship leader. It means that worship is the place where you as a Christian know you can meet God and share in fellowship with him.  Make those moments special.  Give yourself completely to singing the songs of praise, wrap in the truth of God's message, communicate your love for Jesus as you commune with the body of Christ.  These are special moments and it is important that you receive and give of yourself as you worship.

These are only three areas which can provide the extra spark. Maybe we will look at more in a later blog, but please, give these three a try.  In addition, think of things that may be lacking in your life, and visualize how much more enriched your Christian life would be if they became a reality for you. More than anything else, devote yourself to be a growing and maturing child of the King.  He died for you to be all that you can be. 


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