Saturday, March 25, 2017

MISSION: Possible

Your mission, should you elect to commit to it, is to read each of these Scripture passages matched up with varying circumstances in life. Read them all now, or spread them out over the weekend.  Not knowing the hour or the day when Jesus will return, this message may be destroyed at any time. (If you read them all this weekend, just think how nice things will be on Monday!)

Do you hurt because of sorrow? – read John 14

Friends let you down? – read Psalm 27

Lord, I have sinned. – read Psalm 51

Worry controls me. – read Matthew 6: 25-34

I am afraid. – read Psalm 91

Bad case of the "down and outs." – read Psalm 34

God seems so far away – read Psalm 139

All of life is discouraging– read Isaiah 40

I really want to accomplish something for God – read John 15

What do I do about all my doubts?– read John 7:17

I feel all alone – read Psalm 23

God never seems to send me his blessings.– Psalm 103

What is a Christian, really. – read Matthew 5

My faith needs a shot of B-12 – read Hebrews 11

Today I am feeling hopeless – Romans 8: 31-39


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