Saturday, June 4, 2016

Another Look

Another look at 5 things you can do that will change your life.

1.  Be a blessing.  How often we allow our fleshly nature rule our attitudes, our words, and especially our treatment of others.  If we could condition ourselves to be a blessing to everyone around us, we would recognize changes in our world.

2. Be a friend.  It is always wonderful to have friends.  We are, by nature, a lonely people when we have no friends.  Those in the Lord's church start counting their friends and very often have only those friends from within the church.  Friends in the church makes for a healthy church, but leaves those on the outside feeling alone.  This week, make a friend with someone you know, who has no friends.  Take them for coffee, or to lunch, and attempt to cultivate a new friendship.

3.   Encourage someone.  Be ready to recognize those who have made an accomplishment.  Also, to those who need just a little nudge to overcome some sin or difficulty.  I know a young, inexperienced minister who regularly was encouraged by one man, who nicknamed him, "Powerhouse."  Just the word of encouragement is sometimes all it takes for great things to happen.

4.  Take time to care.  Can you see how each of these fit so closely together in our daily contact with everyone around us?  I am always amazed at the good coming out of a situation when people know we care.  Sometimes there are those who cannot help someone financially, never knowing what to say to build them up, and running into no-answer situations.  Instead of giving up, just let them know you care, and you will see tremendous positive changes.

5.  Let your words heal and not wound.  We seem to always have the words to say which hurt the most.  Just as God does not pour salt in our wounds when we sin, rather sends us words of his love, his caring, and his grace, we should always be responsive just like our Heavenly Father.  Words that heal not only bring healing to the hurting, but go a long ways in developing spiritual relationships in the family of God.


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