Wednesday, June 8, 2016

It's Time to Think

Joshua Becker has a new book out called, The More of Less.  While I haven't read the whole book yet, I have reached a point where Becker suggests a list of questions for each of us.  Answers to these questions will vary from person to person, but give these seven points some serious thought.  You might even wish to write a brief answer to each of the questions, then several months later, answer the questions again and make a comparison.  Here is the list:

1.  What experiences, both good and bad, have shaped your life?

2.  What similarities can you recognize in your most notable achievements?

3.  What problems in the world are your most passionate about solving?

4.  If money were not an issue, what line of work would you be most drawn to?

5.  Which dreams in your life do you feel the most regret for not pursuing harder?

6.  What is the lasting legacy you want to leave?

7.  Whom do you most admire in life? What specific characteristics of this person do you want to emulate?

I encourage you to give this list some serious consideration.   Please spend some time in prayer as you consider your answers, knowing you may need God's help in achieving adequate answers.  You are welcome to share your answers with others or keep them to yourself, but please don't just read the list without giving each question some thought and prayer.  You can even pray for me as I am answering the questions and I promise, I will be praying for you.

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