Friday, June 10, 2016

The numbers add up......

The following information, (all except the last statistic,) are current and up to date, and come to us from  The counters are changing constantly, so my numbers here are rounded off. 

1.  There are 7.2 billion people in the world at this moment.

2.  Today, 211,500 births will occur.

3.  Today, 87,300 deaths will occur.

4.  Over $5 billion dollars will be spent today on public healthcare.

5.  Another $5 billion will be spent on public education today.

6.  Manufacturers will produce 7 million cars this year, 15 million bicycles, 33 million computers.

7.  New book titles this year will total 275,000.

8.  281 million newspapers will be circulated today.

9.  Almost 3 million new cell phones will be sold today. 

10.  103 million emails will be sent today.

11.  You and I searched Google over 2 million times today. 

12.  Water consumed today totaled 550 billion liters.

13.  751 million people do not have access to safe drinking water.

14.  Today we used over 220 million Mega-watt hours of energy.

15.  Today there were 47 million barrels of oil pumped from the earth. 

16.  The earth contains enough oil to keep pumping for another 40 years.

17.  In the last year, 1.4 million have died from communicable disease. 

18.  Almost 5 million abortions have been performed in the last year. 

19.  Over 8.5 billion cigarettes have been smoked today. 

20.  Cancer has killed almost 1 million people in the last year. 

There are other statistics listed on that page, I just selected 20 that caught my eye.  Now to the one statistic that was not listed.  Every person to which reference was made on that website, from car maker to doctors, abortion patients to newspaper readers, ALL of them are people for whom Jesus died.  You and I have been given the task to make sure they ALL know that.


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