Saturday, July 9, 2016

An Urgent Call to Prayer

Our country has really taken some backward steps in recent years.  It seems every day we continue on life's journey is a day filled with news of unbelievable actions of American people.  Our government leaders seem to be fulfilling their own personal wishes while the average citizen suffers without true leadership. 

As a Christian I turn to God often, with the assurance of his presence.  I pray for our country and its leaders.  I seek God and his ways to bring godliness back in the lives of our citizens.  I look for remedies to enhance America as a Godly nation.  The one remedy that continues to come to mind is prayer.  God's people, who know the power in prayer, are now called on to pray as you have never prayed.  If our land is to survive it will be only by the continued prayers of the saints. God is the answer.  We must hunger and thirst for his righteousness. 

The events in Dallas this week should open our eyes as the dilemma gets closer to home.  How and why have we allowed our culture and nation sink so low?  And the real question.....are we who follow Christian principles and God's ways, going to devote ourselves to the salvation of our country?

I call on you this weekend to spend some extra time in prayer.  Pray that God's will is our driving force and our faith in God will provide the answers and direction for us.  I picked several specific things we should be praying for and perhaps you can think of others.  This is an urgent call for God's people to pray for these specific things. Be prepared to open your heart and your eyes as we experience the power of God to bring answers which will make a difference in us, and in those around us. 

1.  Pray that you yourself will lead the way in praying for God's will to be done.

2.  Pray that your walk with Jesus will become a closer walk.

3.  Pray that the body of Christ, the church, can be strengthened in its efforts to reach our neighbors and the world.

4. Pray for the unity of all believers.

5. Pray that God, working through his children, will bring us to seek good over evil.

6.  Pray that God's peace will be the target of every city, state and nation. 

God bless!

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