Tuesday, August 30, 2016

I'm Testifying!

I read an interesting story this week.  It's from a setting inside a court room, complete with a defendant, a prosecutor, judge, and several witnesses. In the story, the nervous defendant realizes he has one more witness to testify on his behalf.  He also knows the testimony of this witness is the only thing that will prove his innocence.  Anxiety fills the air as the time comes for the witness to speak.  However, the defendant's attorney advises the court that in spite of there being one more witness which can prove the innocence of the defendant, he's not going to call the witness.

I came to this point in the story thinking, "This doesn't make any sense."  This attorney can set an innocent man free if only he will call the final witness.  Instead, the attorney advises the court and everyone in the room, he has discussed the matter with the witness and he is convinced the defendant should be set free, so he advises the entire courtroom to take his word on the matter and turn the guy loose.

So I start to ask myself, "Why should I believe the attorney?"  He isn't the one that can speak words of truth to prove innocence.  Why should the jury and the judge believe him? We need to hear the witness ourselves, not some second or third-had rendition of the defendant's innocence.

The story's writer has reached the point where he inserts a basic truth.  We can hear words of truth relayed to us, but an actual testimony carries much more weight.  The testimony is more powerful.

I thought about this today as I pondered hearing a Bible truth or a testimony.  I especially thought about the words of God's truth which I might share with the lost.  I know some people who really enjoy sharing the stories of the Old Testament, or the Gospels, or even the writings of Paul.  I will also say that I could never disagree with the need for Bible truth to be shared.

There is, however, something much more powerful.  It's the testimony of the person whose life is filled with the evidence of "Let me tell you what Jesus has done for me."  Yes, we need to read and hear God's word, but the real power comes in our testimony of actually experiencing  the goodness, love, and grace of our God.

It's time we become more active in sharing our personal testimony.  It's more powerful than any sermon.

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