Saturday, August 20, 2016

Preparing for Worship

To prepare yourself for worship on Sunday, you and your family can be in prayer for those who will be leading us in a service of praising God.  There are several specific things we should be mentioning in our prayers.

1.  Pray for those who have planned and will be carrying out our service of singing praises.

2.  Be in prayer for those who will be serving in any capacity.  This includes those who will be our greeters, teaching our children, serving the communion, etc.

3.  Pray for those who will be visiting our church.  These are the people who may be searching for a closer walk with God, overcoming problem situations in their lives, and above all, desiring a closer walk with the Lord.

4.  Pray for the preacher/teacher of Bible principles.  We know we all need a regular dose of the magnificent truth from God's word.

5.  Pray that your home church may be a shining light in the community, not only on Sundays, but in the lives of its members throughout every week.

6.  Pray for yourself, that your heart may be open and receptive to God's message for you.

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