Monday, August 29, 2016

Sharing The Story

A couple of weeks ago I told you through the blog, about a new study starting at the campus locations of Oak Hills Church.  The beginning of the 31 week study begins this coming Sunday, September 4.  I am mentioning the study again, just in case there are those among our readers who would like to join with us in The Story.

Groups are still forming throughout the area and we would be glad to hook you up with a group that will have the study on a weekly basis.  For those desiring to purchase a book, "The Story," and the associated study guide, those are available at discounted rates on the Oak Hills Church website. 

Today we learned about an app which can be downloaded to your phone which will help you in the memorization phases associated with the study.  This pic will give you the information on the app.

Let us know if we can help you with a study location near you.   Please be in prayer for all the groups as they learn and experience more of God's story of love.  Thank you for your support of The Story.

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