Wednesday, December 2, 2015

All He Provides

Our God is a providing God.  There are countless things which come our way which we could never provide for ourselves, but they are provided by God. It's all because of God's love for us that he makes sure things we need are provided.
In the pictures above, consider:  1.  God sends the rain which supplies our water, cleanses our land, brings forth crops, and the cycle repeats itself again and again.  2.  God sends the grain to fill our stomachs and sustain us in the time of hunger.   3.  God sends the birds to help us welcome the new life of spring, and with their songs they remind us of times of refreshing newness. 4. God sent his son, a gift for all mankind, because we cannot save ourselves.
These four provisions of God are not all he provides.  We think of sunshine, flowers, the beauty of mountains, the wonder of our galaxy, and the list goes on.  All because God cares for us and continues to love us.  The Bible says "While we are sinners, Christ died for us." That's the greatest provision God makes for us.
We can voice our thanksgiving to God for all he provides, and we should.  Take a moment to thank him for being such a providing God.  Above all, thank him for the gift of his son on the cross, providing us the opportunity to be forgiven.

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