Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Making Resolutions

Christmas is over and you would think everyone realizes it's time to get back into the routine to which we are accustomed, but reality sets in and we are just half way through the holidays. New Year's Day is rapidly approaching and if we are honest about this year's resolutions which we made back in January, we know we only have a few days to bring them into being.  

I read a story recently about a 2nd grader who was facing a school assignment to make some resolutions for the approaching new year. After the teacher explained New Year's resolutions to the class, Johnny began to think long and hard. The teacher had said the resolutions we make should be things which improve us and strengthen us, as well as bring us to be a better person. So Johnny started dwelling on how he could improve.  His mind didn't take long until it had him in deep thought about improving his school grades. As he thought, he decided he should also resolve to be more attentive in Bible class. That makes two areas of improvement and Johnny wasn't sure he could handle more than that. His mind wandered to the squabbles he regularly had with his sister and how he could make some improvement in that area. But the longer he thought about it, that was not going to be one of his resolutions. After all, she needed more improvement than he did!

Johnny, with his 2nd grade thinking, is a lot like those of us who are adults. Yes, we can find areas where we need to improve. Sometimes we resolve to be more kind, to lose some weight, to get ourselves to work on time, and be a better neighbor. Then we think like Johnny was thinking toward his sister. After all, we show more kindness than some people we could name. There are those who need a weight loss program a lot more than us. We may show up late for work too often, but there are always some who come in later. And those neighbors! If anyone need to be a better neighbor, it's the guy next door. 

Here is the usual thinking: I am about average in all those areas, so there are a lot of people who need those changes more than me. 

For the Christian, each and every day we should be keeping in mind those areas where we need to grow and mature. Certainly our New Year's resolutions should include spiritual matters.  If we think like most adults, and like Johnny, we settle the issue by remembering there are Christians who need more growth and maturity than us.  Then the resolutions fall by the wayside and accomplishment becomes impossible. 

Allow me to make some suggestions for Christians, and you do some serious thinking about each one, and see if any of these are areas where you can resolve to grow.  Personal prayer, Bible reading and study, ministering to the sick, jail visitation, helping the homeless, church attendance, volunteering wherever needed, improving relationships, feeding the hungry.......the list can go on.

My point today is that God has blessed each of us with talents and interests where we could be improving ourselves and helping others. My encouragement to you today is for everyone to spend some time with God, determining where you can bless others and glorify the Father. Then resolve to make your New Year's resolution a blessing to every life you touch.  God bless.


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