Saturday, October 22, 2016

I'm not ashamed

My son, Russell, posted this today and I want to share it with you.  This weekend post gives you an inside look at a movie soon to be released.  Here's what Russell says to introduce the preview:

Rachel Scott lost her life because of her faith in Jesus Christ in the school shooting in Littleton, Colorado. Saundra and I had the opportunity to hear her father speak years ago and tell her story. I still have artwork hanging in my office which is a copy of a page out of her diary. Rachel Scott believed she would live her life or Jesus and die for him at a young age. After delays and controversy, this weekend a movie based on her life will be released.

And now, here is the link for the movie trailer:

I hope you get a chance to see the movie.  Real people, like you and me, face the possibility and the reality of dying because of our faith in Jesus.  Columbine and events of that day made it increasingly real for Rachel Scott. But there is another reality.  It's the reality of serving God and others, sharing our story and passing to the entire world the message that Jesus willingly died for us. 

That's the message Rachel Scott wanted her friends and loved ones to know and understand. Not only that, she was still living God's message through her short life, because she believed she would die for Jesus.  It's an impossible guess for me to try to tell you how many lives changed because of the events in Colorado that day.  I still think about it and send prayers and love for each family that  mourns the loss of those who died.

Maybe through telling the story of Rachel's life in a movie, more of us will search our own answer to the question of dying for Jesus.  I am glad Rachel touched lives and was not ashamed.

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