Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Sheltered Safely In His Arms

A long time ago I was making plans to drive to a nearby city hospital to visit with an elderly lady who had, the day before, surgery on her eyes.  She had always been such a blessing to everyone that visited her, and that day my visit to her hospital room was no different.  I was visiting out of concern for her successful eye surgery, as well as to offer encouraging words for a successful recovery. We spent some time laughing and joking with each other, and for a lady in her 90's, she still reflected the evidence of a happy life, loving the Lord while bringing happiness to the lives of others.

Our visit was interrupted that morning when the surgeon stopped by to check on her.  She had previously seen him in hospital scrubs but now she was seeing him in a suit and tie.  When he extended his hand to me as we met, it was his left hand he extended.  That's when I first noticed, he didn't have a right hand.  I wasn't the only one that noticed.....the patient noticed, too.

As I stood there wondering to myself about how a doctor with only one hand could do surgery on someone's eyes, my very thoughts were put into words by the elderly patient. "Do you mean to tell me you operated on my eyes and you only have one hand?  And didn't you have two hands when I was examined in your office a few days ago?"

The doctor explained that he had lost an arm overseas during a trip he took to assist military doctors in repairing eye injuries. After his recovery from the injuries, he was fitted with a robotic arm and hand which he was able to use during surgeries, but now, standing in a hospital room, he didn't have his robotic arm. We all had a good laugh at the patient's comments and the good spirit of the obviously talented surgeon.

I tell you that story to help you understand a weakness I often experience in my spiritual life.  I will call it the "Weakness of Doubting God."  Really there is more to it than doubt.  It is also a demonstration of a lack of faith.  Rather than trusting God to answer prayers or provide solutions, I want to try things my way first. It always brings me back to understanding my weakness, but God's power.  And, with the story of my visit to the hospital that day, here are some verses which show me I should be increasing my understanding about God's power.

The Lord redeemed Israel “with an outstretched arm”(Exod.6:6),   “The Lord has sworn by His right hand, and by His arm of strength” (Isa.62:8),  “So the Lord brought us out of Egypt with a mighty hand and an outstretched arm” (Deut. 26:8).  The scripture is filled with God's use of his arm and hand in action for the benefit of his people.

If I ever need eye surgery, I think I will give that doctor a call.  More than that, I thank him for reminding me of the powerful and sure arm and hand of God, used in directing me in right paths.

One of our songwriters uses a similar phrase as he describes the child of God as "sheltered safely in the arms of God."  Praise Him for his love and care.

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