Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Let's Pray Texas

I read online about the Houston, Texas Police Officer's Union sponsoring an event for today, October 19.  The event is called "Let's Pray Texas," and events like this are spreading to other Law Enforcement agencies throughout the state.  In the press release, this event is described:

The Houston Police Officers’ Union is asking all Texas police Unions and Associations, Law Enforcement Agencies, along with community, and state and local leaders, to join together in a day of remembrance and prayer.  On October 19th, 2016, we are calling upon all organizations to come together, as a unified group, to support Law Enforcement, the community, and the Leadership of the State of Texas. Our vision is one of unification, not only among law enforcement agencies but also within the communities in which we serve.

As Christians and as citizens we would do well to join with these agencies through our daily prayer lives.  With all the negative things happening to these men and women who protect us without regard to their own personal safety, I gladly lift them up to God in prayer, and salute them for their bravery, their willingness to serve, and especially for their dedication to keeping the peace.

As an addition to our prayers for these public servants, go another step and when you see and speak to them, add an encouraging word and a "Thank You for your service to our community."

The more I learn about praying and serving, the more I realize how much our public servants are needed. You and I probably have no idea what these officers go through to make our lives safe. So, if only for today, I am asking everyone to join in this special day of prayer. 

Let's Pray Texas!

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